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  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Websites

Are you a small business owner struggling with marketing? An entrepreneur that is raring to make a name for your biz, but just needs a little guidance? Whatever support you're looking for, as a marketing consultant, I'm here to help you grasp (or delegate or pass on) all that web stuff and branch out your marketing. I know it can be a real struggle to get marketing done for your small business. And I'm here to support you.


Writing is one of my favourite things. Not one of yours? Content is a huge part of marketing, there's no way around that. Instead of avoiding it, banging your head against the wall or putting up with communications that make you cringe, let my wordsmithing rescue your messaging (and your sanity).

Content I can help you with…

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Email newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Sales letters and communications pieces
  • Downloads, e-books and other digital materials
  • Press releases and other public relations materials
  • Content for promotional materials (brochures, postcards, etc.)
  • Anything that involves words, really!

Pricing: Costs for content creation depend entirely on the project at hand – how much content is needed, whether a draft will be provided, whether outside research is required. As a very general range, 2-3 hours (at $70/hour) for 500 words is a good ball park. Note that sales pages, promotional materials and other marketing collateral often run higher as it takes more time to craft highly focused and effective messaging.


For most businesses, getting visibility in search engines isn't just a pipe dream, it's a must! If customers can't find you online, more likely than not they're not going to find you, period.

Search marketing tasks I can help you with include…

  • Keyword research
  • Website content optimization
  • Website meta tags creation
  • Website audit (from a search perspective)
  • Optimization of social profiles
  • Directory listings
  • Content to support search efforts (see above)
  • General strategic direction and training
  • PPC advertising


There are tons of facets to social media – so many channels, approaches to content, ways to develop your strategy. It can be really overwhelming and it's easy to spread yourself too thin.

Ways I can support your social media efforts:

  • Social profile maintenance: If you just want to offload some (or all) of your social media activity, I can help to keep you profiles updated, current and active. This option includes…
    • Posting content to your profiles
    • Developing the strategy for your social activity
    • Networking and interaction
    • Managing and responding to mentions and comments
    • Monthly report with data around key metrics
    • This service is available for Twitter, Facebook and/or Google Plus.
  • Profile set-up: If you just need to get your profiles up and running, I've got you covered…
    • Profile design and graphics
    • Profile content and organization
    • Set-up of a social media management tool (I recommend Hootsuite)


There isn't anything more important to online marketing than your website. If anyone tries to tell you that you don't need one, I must humbly disagree. You need an online presence that you own, control and that you can work at building up over time for your business' benefit (a Facebook page doesn't count!).

I can help you with…

  • Website content creation: You know, having a site that visitors actually enjoy and want to read (see copywriting services).
  • Website design: If you're looking for a custom website design, I work with a fantastic team of designers and developers that will build you the site of your dreams. I can either act as the project manager for your website project (only one point of contact) or I'm happy to put you in touch with them
  • Getting a search friendly site that Google and other search engines will love and appreciate (see search engine marketing services).

Are you more of a do-it yourself-er?

Training sessions
Sometimes you need a little more than strategy direction. You actually need to learn how to do things online, whether it's setting up, formatting and optimizing a blog post in Wordpress, or learning how to use all the functionality available in Facebook. Sure, you can Google and probably find tons of stuff. But some of you just can't learn that way. Or you just don't have the time to sift through all that info to hone in on what you really want. You need someone right in front of you showing you how and you need to try it out yourself with someone on hand to guide you.

For you hands-on folk that actually want to learn about and execute online marketing tools on your own, contact me about my online marketing training sessions (I was a teacher before I was a marketer, so don't worry, I'm very patient, very encouraging and very good at explaining things). These in-person training sessions are available in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

One-on-one consultation

Have a few questions or just want to talk things through with someone who gets this internet marketing stuff? We can also do a phone or Skype session to get to the bottom of your challenge or to talk strategy or to tackle whatever it is that is keeping you up at night. Minimum 30 minutes call - $60. 1 hour is $90. Contact me to set this up.

Ask me about

I don't actually do this stuff, but I'm happy to recommend folks I love who do great work. Or in most cases, I can manage your project so you only have to deal with one point of contact (me!).

  • Web design and development
  • Branding and logos
  • Graphic design
  • Printing services
  • Translation services
  • Consumer product launch services
  • Packaging design
  • Illustration
  • Art, murals and other fun stuff
  • Promotional and demo staffing
  • Photography
  • Event management
  • Video creation

How do you charge?

It all depends on exactly what we're working on together. I can provide estimates on a per project basis. Or if you want some ongoing help, we can come up with a monthly retainer structure (where you decide on a monthly budget) or an arrangement where you ask me to do stuff and I keep track of my time, charging by the hour.

My rate is $70 per hour.

I understand that every business is different and that different structures work best for some. I try to be as flexible as I can to accommodate an arrangement that works best for you. Just get in touch with me and once I've had the chance to learn a little more about your small business and the help you need, I will be happy to provide more details about my services and costing information.

Get support for your small business

Not quite ready to hire a marketing consultant, but could use some help and support? Taking a bit more of a do-it-yourself approach? Head on over to the Small Business Bliss blog for internet marketing tips and doses of inspiration just for small business owners. You might also find the tools I recommend helpful when doing your own thing.

Amanda Ing,
Stafford Street Hot Yoga

"From working with Martina on our website, to having her help us integrate communication tools such as newsletters, blogs, tweets and tracking systems, Martina has proved herself savvy and excited to put us on the map. Having someone who is as motivated as she is to stay on top has given us peace of mind and consistency in providing our business with the best up to date online communication tools and programs. Thank you Martina for your sincere interest and support in growing our budding small business!"

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