Let's co-create some marketing magic

You are a small business, entrepreneur, or community organization driven by passion, integrity and purpose. You've got that part down, but you're struggling with the marketing side of your biz. Maybe you…

  • Can't for the life of you speak to your keywords or your meta tags, just know you need to get on this SEO thing.
  • Really, really struggle with writing. Your copy, from your web content to your online profiles, just doesn't do it for you (or your customers).
  • Feel lost in the world of tweets, likes, follows and pins. You want to get social, but how exactly does one do that effectively?
  • Know that you need a solid online presence that makes people love your business, you just don't have a clue where you should focus your efforts.

That means you've landed in the right place. Whether you don't have the time, don't have the know-how or just plain don't have the interest in doing some (or all) of your marketing, I'm here to support you! Whether you need someone to put your biz into words, help you get your head around an internet marketing strategy or just get Google to like you already, I'm your gal.

Branch out your marketing & grow your business

Let's face it, any small business needs marketing in some way shape or form. No matter how you feel about it (love, hate, meh) let's master your marketing in a way that works for you. So that you can stop wasting your time or spinning your wheels and instead focus on rocking that thing you do and letting your business shine. Let's bring your gift to the (online) world!

Take a look at my services, or just get in touch with me, let me know where you need help and we'll see if there's a fit.


My name is Martina and I'm so glad you found my site. Being a small business owner is no easy journey. As a small business owner myself, I know how much is involved in being the boss…of everything. I'm a marketing consultant, which means I'm here to help make at least the marketing part of running a biz or passion project a little easier, and hopefully help you find the JOY in it! Because it can be really, really fun. And it's a hugely important part of sharing your spark. I firmly believe your small business has a purpose on this planet. I humbly offer to support you on your journey. You can call me a small business cheerleader. Learn a little more about me and my personal mission here.

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