Branch out your marketing & grow your business

  • Take your web presence from yikes (or non-existent) to YES!
  • Enough running around, jumping on the latest trend, tossing your money away. What works for Bob does not necessarily work for Jane. Let's focus your goals and figure out what's best for YOUR business.
  • Don't let budget restrictions stop you - maximize what you do have and make it
    work for you.
  • Leave yourself more time for your business; leave the marketing to me

Maybe you're a small business without a marketing department and you don't have a clue what you should do next. Or you have a great marketing team, but they lack a particular skill set that you need to complete a project. Contact me today and let's grow your business!

Why choose to work with me?

  • Solid educational background in marketing communications paired with diverse work experience – I can apply my marketing know-how to whatever business dilemma is keeping you up at night
  • I’m a flexible gal willing to take on marketing projects both large and small – sometimes it’s the little tweaks that can have the greatest impact and if that’s what you need to improve your business, that’s what we’ll do!
  • I am personable, reliable and organized – dealing with me will be a breeze and you can count on me to deliver what I have promised (and my perfectionism will only work in your favour)
  • I work with graphic designers, web developers, print shops etc…, so I can save you time and money with service bundles. No more wasting your precious time hunting around for service providers and coordinating between them (yes, you can put the Tylenol down now)
  • I am committed to your success. Because after all, that’s what I’m here for, and when you achieve your goals, I achieve mine – helping my clients improve and grow. I won’t stop until we both agree it’s time for that celebratory beer (or cupcake, or organic herbal tea – your choice, on me!)

If this sounds like the right fit for your business and just the kind of marketer you’re looking for, touch base with me today.


I am a Vancouver based marketing consultant specializing in online marketing services and copywriting. I take on communications projects (as well as budgets) large and small. I especially love helping out small businesses with their marketing planning and strategic execution. Whether you need a freelance writer, an internet marketer or simply someone to help you make sense of all the marketing tools at your disposal, you have found your ally in me. My marketing services are available on a contract or project basis.

Forget the massive budgets needed for traditional media. Ready to take on the big boys and engage your customers without spending a ton of cash? Let's talk online communications.

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